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Sandvik Coromant T-Max U Cermet Turning Insert, TCMT, Triangle, UM Chipbreaker, GC1525 Grade, TiCN Coating, TCMT 1.8(1.5)1-UM, 7/32" iC, 0.0157" Corner Radius (Pack of 10)

!9#Sandvik Coromant T-Max U Cermet Turning Insert, TCMT, Triangle, UM Chipbreaker, GC1525 Grade, TiCN Coating, TCMT 1.8(1.5)1-UM, 7/32" iC, 0.0157" Corner Radius (Pack of 10)

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The Sandvik Coromant TCMT GC1525 indexable turning insert with a choice of UM or PM chipbreaker style has a triangle shape with a 7-degree clearance angle, providing wear resistance without limiting shock resistance for medium machining of steel in average to good machining conditions. This single-sided positive insert has chip grooves on one side, a countersunk hole in the center, and three cutting edges. It has a 7-degree clearance angle for light cutting forces and side clearance, making it better than a negative insert for internal turning. It can also be used when there is limited machine power, a tendency toward vibration, or when either a large or small lead angle is required. GC1525 grade is a combination of carbide and a coating of titanium carbonitride (TiCN) and titanium nitride (TiN) over cermet applied through physical vapor deposition (PVD), which provides hardness for high wear resistance without limiting shock resistance, making this grade suitable for machining of steel at medium to high cutting speeds. PVD coatings give the insert longer life and better wear resistance than uncoated inserts, and maintain a sharper cutting edge than those with chemical vapor deposition (CVD) coatings.

The TCMT GC1525 is available with a choice of two types of chipbreakers: UM or PM, which are for medium machining cutting depths and feed rates. The UM chipbreaker has a higher range of feed rates and cutting depths than the PM chipbreaker. Tolerance of distance from the base to the tip of the triangle is + or - 0.002” to 0.005”. Tolerance of the theoretical diameter of the insert is + or - 0.002” to 0.005”. Insert thickness tolerance is + or - 0.005”. Different insert shapes and sizes may have different inscribed circle (iC) measurements, which are related to the insert’s range of cutting depths, speeds, lead angle, and feed rates. The inscribed circle is the largest circle that can be drawn within the edges of the insert shape. In general, as the insert size and iC become larger, the maximum cutting depth increases. The cutting depth influences the metal removal rate, number of cuts, chip evacuation, and power required when using the insert.

Indexable inserts are small cutting tools designed to remove material in external and internal cutting applications such as turning, milling, drilling, and grooving. They are held by an insert holder, have multiple cutting edges, and can be rotated when one edge wears down. Multiple inserts can be used to accomplish a variety of cuts in one operation. An insert is either positive or negative, which refers to the rake or clearance angle at which the insert removes material. Inserts are coded according to their specific cutting and application capability (e.g. VNMG 16 04 04-QM). Each part of the code represents details of the insert shape, nose angle, clearance, tolerance, size, geometry, grade, and chipbreaker style.

Sandvik Coromant manufactures tools for turning, milling, and drilling. The company, headquartered in Sweden, makes tools used throughout the metalworking field, including the automotive and aerospace, die and mold, and general engineering industries. Sandvik Coromant inserts meet International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards.

Matching Inserts to Holders

These inserts are part of the Sandvik Coromant CoroTurn 107 Positive Insert family, which means they can be used with CoroTurn 107 screw clamping system. The CoroTurn 107 is the first choice system for internal longitudinal turning of small diameters, and is also used for external light roughing to finishing of smaller, slender components.

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